The licensed trade is diverse with many different types of outlets, hotels, pub, clubs etc. We can offer a training package to suit the needs of the industry from the gas suppliers, breweries and end users covering all aspects of gases and the equipment used. We can also offer training on the more scientific side of beverage dispense with training on maintaining equilibrium, effects of temperature and the use of different gases.

We can offer courses on the following topics:

  • Safe use of Cellar gases and equipment, including N2 generation.
  • Indentifying a confined space and how to conduct a risk assessment
  • Manual handling both in the yard and the cellar
  • Co2, N2 and mixed gases
  • Beverage dispense faults and remedies
  • Soft drinks dispense
  • BBPA 5th code of practice
  • Science behind the perfect pint


For Further information or assistance in identifying your training requirements or you wish to book a training package, please contact us on or 07780 220 856